New Directions Program
7996 Old Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA

Our Program

Clients are guided through a structured process where each session has a specific purpose with the goal of achieving abstinence so recovery can begin. A life without substance use is often difficult for the substance abuser to imagine.  We recognize the motivation to change can be fragile.  Examining the negative consequences of chemical use, though painful, is a critical part of the recovery process.
Our primary goal is to assist the client in increasing his or her motivation to make changes as they develop a greater recognition of how a life without chemical use can be a full and satisfying one for themselves and their families.
Researchers have found recovery can be life long only when changes occur in several key areas of a person’s life.  These changes will require a review of attitudes, feelings and behaviors.  Each counselor uses a variety of effective assessment methods which helps the client not only understand the recovery process but to embrace it. We use a holistic approach to our counseling process because we value each person who walks through our door. 
We are committed to helping our clients experience a harmonious balance in their recovery. As part of the treatment process, if we determine a higher level of care is necessary, we will help the client find the most appropriate program based on their individual needs.  We have a comprehensive network and referral system which includes both local and national programs. 
If you are concerned about your own use or that of a family member and unsure of what to do next give us a call.  A certified counselor will be happy to talk to you about what might be the next step(s) for you.
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