New Directions Program
7996 Old Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA


New Directions Program has been providing counseling services to individuals with substance use issues and their families for over 30 years. We are an experienced group of Addiction Professionals who strive to consistently apply the most effective methods for addressing and treating our clients’ respective problems with substance-abuse, addictions, and co-dependency. Our Addiction Professionals specialize in treating adolescents, young-adults, adults, and families.

While some of the methods we use are employed universally within our field, many are unique to our program and have been developed over three decades of research and experience. We understand the importance of having a definable structure in place for working with all of our clients, but we are also aware we must be sensitive and respectful of each client's own experiences, circumstances, and social structures.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that we must work to help our clients improve every aspect of their lives that contribute to their abuse or addictions. We faithfully apply our philosophy in every assessment and individual session, but we do so using a process that can adjust to meet the client not just where they begin, but where they most hope to go. For certain clients, the steps necessary to begin a life in recovery may be plain to see. There are times, however, when we are faced with a more complex situation. In addition to substance-abuse or addiction, many clients may suffer from anxiety, depression, or any number of co-occurring disorders. For this reason, we work with a wide range of professionals, including psychiatrists, therapists, physicians specializing in addiction medicine, and nutritionists.  

In our experience, rarely is the client the only one affected. We must remember, therefore, that addiction is a family disease: We believe that as the family is able to heal, so, too, is the addict able to recover. And though our clients have undoubtedly suffered at the hands of their disease, they are not alone in their need for support. To this end, whether it’s education on the disease of addiction, counseling on co-dependency and enabling, or any other of a host of needs, we offer a specialized program for family and friends of our clients in which they can learn to understand what has happened, to accept where they are now, and to feel confident they can make the decisions most conducive to a long and happy future in recovery.

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